Selle Italia SLR Tri Gel Saddle - $167.44

With all of the SLR saddles from Selle Italia getting a slight facelift, the SLR T1 Gel becomes the SLR Tri Gel. The key structural differences are the subtle downward extensions on the wings of the saddle that decrease the tendency for it to wear the inside of your shorts or vice-versa. Of course, this particular SLR trait was always less of an issue on these more heavily padded models than the on the bare bones versions.The key functional difference between this SLR Tri Gel Saddle and the older T1 Gel is the abbreviated non-slip material. Here it's limited to the nose of the saddle. And that's where you'll want it anyway, as you ride with your pelvis rotated forward on a TT frame (thanks both to its steeper seat angle and the requirement to reach out to aero bars). The SLR Tri Gel is ideal because its nose has silicone gel padding in differentiated thicknesses. What we've found, though, is that it's every bit as comfy on standard road bikes as well. In our minds it's like Selle Italia morphed the SLR with a Flite Genuine Gel. It's a balance of the SLR's weight with the Flite Genuine Gel's focus on comfort. We're astounded with it and it's our prescription for people who seemingly can't find comfort anywhere else. Honest to goodness, it's a revelation.The Selle Italia SLR Tri Gel has the same 30% carbon composite shell as the standard SLR, and this contributes to its light weight. Beyond its use of gel, it makes extensive use of the thin "self-modeling" padding Selle Italia normally reserves for the Flite, thereby giving it comfort that even medium-weight to heavy riders will like. The Lorica cover has high abrasion resistance and durability. (If you need further evidence of this, Lorica is what Sidi makes their top-dollar shoes from.) Just like the SLR, it measures 131mm wide and 275mm long. The SLR Tri Gel is available in Black only. - $167.44