Selle Italia SLR Flow Team Edition Saddle - $159.95

Selle Italia saddles are easy to spot on pro's bikes in the peloton for one reason -- they're all the same color. This SLR Flow Team Edition Saddle has the characteristic White w/red Team logos that their sponsored riders always use. The topsheet is Lorica, rather than natural leather; and along with the Team coloring, that is the only difference between this and the SLR Flow Saddle. This SLR Flow Team Edition Saddle gains a few grams over the lightest SLR offerings because it uses their Perfect Fit self-modeling foam padding rather than the lighter EVA foam. The benefit is a touch more comfort and support. The shell is injection molded nylon, including 30% carbon fiber content. It's light, strong, and designed to flex just enough to provide comfort over rough roads. The "Flow" in the name means that this saddle has a cutout in the shell. Its placement and shape are carefully designed to reduce pressure on your soft parts. In turn, this helps to alleviate numbness and pain -- letting the firm, wider portion of the saddle support your weight at the sit bones.The Selle Italia SLR Flow Team Edition Saddle measures 131mm wide and 275mm long. It's available in White w/red with a Lorica topsheet. It rests on lightweight tubular Vanox (vanadium/titanium alloy) rails. - $159.95