Selle Italia SL XC Saddle - $61.75

Selle Italia makes a full range of saddles of differing dimension and shapes. This SL XC Saddle is wider than their Flite and SLR models. This makes it great if you have wider sit bones and don't feel like the narrower saddles offer the right kind of support.Even though the SL XC Saddle is 143mm at its widest point, don't be fooled into thinking that it's just suitable for cruising. The side profile is marked by a generous curve that leaves the SL no wider than the SLR through the mid-section and towards the nose. This way, you can have the support you need and still have plenty of room for your legs to cycle up and down without chafing or pinching at the edge of a too-wide saddle. And in comparison to the SLR, the edges of the saddle roll down more acutely, more along the lines of the cross section seen on the Flite.The Selle Italia SL XC Saddle is available with a durable Lorica covering in Black and White. Underneath the topsheet, Selle Italia's Perfect Fit self modeling padding ensures comfort over the bumps and a customized feel right out of the box. Though the SL XC is made for comfort, it's relatively light due to the fiberglass reinforced nylon shell. The manganese tubular rails are also lightweight, yet plenty strong for a lifetime of service over rough terrain. It measures 143mm wide by 275mm long. - $61.75