Selle Italia Monolink Seatpost - $271.99

As a longtime saddle maker, Selle Italia knows that certain constraints limit design evolution. The key structural detail that squelches innovation is the existing side-by-side rail system. As one of the few true standards in the bike industry, it may be time for change. Selle Italia bucks the trend by creating their own rail design to make saddles that save you energy, and the Monolink Seatpost is the piece of the puzzle necessary to support it. While pedaling easier is certainly alluring, we're most impressed by the fact that this post design won't exclude fitment with existing saddles. It comes with a host of clamp parts to mate it to Selle Italia's Monolink saddles along with traditional saddle designs with round and ovalized rails. The fact that it can be used with every saddle on the market is thanks to the wedge-style clamp hardware. The system is based on the twin stirrups that form the top of the post. Empty they are parallel loops of 3k carbon fiber with their centers being offset from the centerline of the seatpost shaft by 25mm. The entire assembly is built in one piece with continuous fibers running the length of the post.The clamp assembly for Monolink saddles, with its vertically paired carbon fiber rails, is made of carbon fiber; and like the machined aluminum standard saddle rail clamp parts, it is secured inside the twin stirrups of the seatpost by engaging an aluminum double wedge to increase pressure inside the loops of carbon fiber to hold it all securely in place without slipping.The Selle Italia Monolink Seatpost is Glossy Carbon and is available in two sizes -- 27.2 x 350mm and 31.6 x 350mm. It offers 25mm of setback, and it comes with all the hardware to fit Monolink saddles or traditional saddles with round or ovalized rails. It has graduated markings on the back of the post at every 0.5cm to help you dial in your fit. - $271.99