Seirus Softshell Combodana Paisley Bandana - $26.99

Seirus Softshell Combodana Paisley Bandana - The Seirus Softshell Combodana Paisley has a unique design style that will catch any eye. It brings together the warmth and protection of a face mask with the stylish and functionality of a bandana. The strong features of the Softshell Combodana Paisley is the fleece lined face mask and bandana all in one for extra comfort, warmth and protection. The Seirus Combodana is windproof and waterproof with an adjustable Velcro closure to keep the warmth against your face in cold weather conditions. . Material: Softshell Fabric, Warranty: Other, Material: Synthetic, Type: Face Mask, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 203270 - $26.99