Sector 9 Mini Shaka Complete Longboard - $199.99

Sector 9 Mini Shaka Complete Longboard - The Sector 9 Mini Shaka Complete Longboard is your go-to freeride board to give you the arsenal you want when you're not always sure what you want to do. Headed to the store? Bombing downhill? The Mini Shaka boasts an 8 Ply Cold Pressed Maple Construction so you'll have a responsive and super durable platform. You'll have a Rocker Mold which makes pushing the board sideways easily. For feet placement, the Mini Shaka has a drop and concave design to make the perfect pocket for your feet while also ensuring that you have plenty of leverage and control. Helping you stay on the board too is the 3200 Jessup Grip Tape. As you pass by the pedestrians or weave between cars don't forget to throw up your hand and give them a friendly Shaka from your Sector 9 Mini Complete Longboard. . Bearing Type: ABEC 5, Wheel Size: 65mm, Deck Width: 9.75in, Deck Length: 40.50in, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 315867 - $199.99