Sbile Magic Swimmer - Chartreuse - $16.88

Even finicky fish cant ignore the tempting tremors telegraphed by this lures free-swimming motion. These lipless, jointed swimbaits emit a subtle rattle as they move through the water. For best results, use a steady retrieve accented by rod-tip movements. Per each. Sizes: 4, 3/8 oz. 5, 3/4 oz. 6.5, 1-5/8 oz. Colors: (010)White Perch, (015)Chartreuse Holo, (020)Natural Shiner, (025)White Lady, (050)Rainbow Trout, (055)Blue Althea, (075)Deep Bronze, (080)Holo Greenie (not shown), (620)Natural Bluegill, (629)Natural Black/Black Herring, (657)Natural Sardine, (668)Ghost Violet, (689)Natural Golden Shiner. Color: Chartreuse. - $16.88