Seattle Sports Camp Shower and Towel - Special Buy - $10.73

Great for backpacking, camping, festivals, road trips and emergency kits, the Seattle Sports Camp Shower and Towel combo set lets you clean up just about anywhere. Durable black PVC water reservoir absorbs heat and is lightweight for easy packing; weighs just 13 oz. 5 gal. capacity equals 8 min. of nonstop showering; bag measures 20 x 15.5 in. Twist-turn valve on hose is easy to use, allowing you to turn water off quickly. Sturdy plastic hang bar with integrated handle makes toting and setup easy; adjustable hang cord included. Microfiber camp towel soaks up 10 times its own weight and then wrings out 85% dry, ready to absorb again. Towel measures 40 x 15 in. and weighs 2.2 oz.; comes with a carabiner and drying ring for convenient hang drying. Towel is not colorfast; wash before using. Special buy. - $10.73