SealLine Kodiak Window Dry Sack - $27.88

Clear urethane windows make it easy to find your gear, while a unique, air-release purge valve delivers packable, compressible performance for fitting sacks in kayak hatches and other tight spots. 200-denier polyurethane-coated nylon body with a durable, 400-denier TPU-coated nylon bottom for wear resistance. Dimensions are 2-dimensional; measured on a flat surface. Made in USA.Available: 10 Liter Blue Weight: 5 oz. Dimensions: 8 x 15. 20 Liter Yellow Weight: 7 oz. Dimensions: 9 x 20. 30 Liter Blue Weight: 9 oz. Dimensions: 11 x 25. 40 Liter Yellow Weight: 11 oz. Dimensions: 13 x 25. Type: Dry Bags. Size 30 Liter. Color Blue. - $27.88