Sealline E-Series Cases - $19.88

Seal your electronics in the waterproof, submersible protection of these cases. Made of flexible, PVC-free material, the cases have clear, supple windows that allow the use of electronics while in the case. Waterproof SealLock zipper closures allow fast, easy access. Three available sizes cover a wide range of electronics from cell phones and GPS units to e-readers and tablets. Made in USA.Color: Gray.Available: Small (E-Series 8) Outside dimensions: 6L x 4W. Inside dimensions: 5-3/8L x 3-1/8W. Weight: 1 oz. Medium (E-Series 13) Outside dimensions: 8L x 6W. Inside dimensions: 7-3/8L x 5-1/8L. Weight: 1.7 oz. Large (E-Series 18) Outside dimensions: 12L x 8W. Inside dimensions: 12L x 7-3/4L. Weight: 3.2 oz. - $19.88