Sea to Summit Mesh Sacks - $11.95

On Sale. Sea to Summit Mesh Sacks DECENT FEATURES of the Sea to Summit Mesh Sacks Perfect for items you need to see easily or when you don't want to trap odors Black mesh body with 70 D nylon drawcord sleeve in assorted colors With a Hypalon grab loop and easy single action draw cord system Pull handle on the bottom Black mesh with assorted drawcord sleeve colors The SPECS for 2.5 Liter Dimension: 4in. x 10in. Weight: 1.1 oz / 30 g The SPECS for 4 Liter Dimension: 5in. x 12in. Weight: 1.3 oz / 37 g The SPECS for 6.5 Liter Dimension: 6.5in. x 13in. Weight: 1.6 oz / 46 g The SPECS for 9 Liter Dimension: 7in. x 15in. Weight: 1.8 oz / 52 g The SPECS for 15 Liter Dimension: 8.5in. x 17in. Weight: 2.5 oz / 72 g The SPECS for 20 Liter Dimension: 9.5in. x 20in. Weight: 2.7 oz / 78 g The SPECS for 30 Liter Dimension: 10.5in. x 24in. Weight: 3.4 oz / 97 g This product can only be shipped within the United States. Please don't hate us. - $11.95