Sea Striker Striped Bass Rig - Gold - $2.09

If youre targeting striped bass, Sea Striker has put together some of the finest, strongest, most effective Striped Bass Rigs on the market today. Per each.Available: Rig with Float - Built with 40 of 80-lb.-test monofilament, this rig features a 2-1/2 cigar float, three-way swivel, sinker snap and a strong No. 3/0 gold hook.Spin-N-Glo - Built with 30 of 100-lb.-test monofilament and a No. 7/0 bronze hook, this rig features Wordens original Spin-N-Glo float. A red bead separates the float and hook. Color: Gold. Type: Bait Rigs. - $2.09