Sea Striker Mullet Rig - Green/Yellow (GRN) - $2.49

Sea Strikers Mullet Rig is the ideal rig when using mullet for bait. Split two-hook treble is easily removable for proper bait rigging. Black 1/0 three-way swivel and large duolock snap for convenient attachment to the main line. 80-lb.-test monofilament is attached to No. 15 wire that withstands the most vicious strikes. 1-1/4 pear float and 2/0 treble hook. Per each. Colors: (002)Green/Yellow Plain Hook, (004)Green Plain Hook, (171)Red/White Plain Hook, (449)Red/White with Bucktail, (820)Red/Yellow Plain Hook. Size: GRN. Color: Green/Yellow. Type: Bait Rigs. - $2.49