Sea Eagle Fisherman's Dream Boat Kits - $579.98

Get a tough Sea Eagle boat with a complete dream kit. The boats are constructed using the thickest-gauge and highest-quality PVC materials. Deflated, they pack to the size of a small sleeping bag. The deep inside cockpit makes them stable on the water. Each boat comes with one-way, screw-type valves; all-around rope lacing; molded oar locks; unbreakable molded oar clasps; air-pressure gauge; repair kit and instruction booklet. Available: Sea Eagle Fisherman's Dream Kits includes: boat; large ABS foot pump; 4'8 long, coated aluminum oars with unbreakable plastic blades; floorboards that add stability, speed and performance; a motormount and support bench that strengthens the motormount and provides a high vantage point and comfortable seat. The Sea Eagle 8 measures 9'7 x 4'6 . Weight: 33 pounds. Capacity: three adults (950 pounds). Five air chambers. 33mm hull thickness. 3-hp capacity. The Sea Eagle 9 measures 11' x 4'8 . Weight: 40 pounds. Capacity: five adults (1,200 pounds). Five air chambers. 38mm hull thickness. 4-hp capacity. - $579.98