Scott Dumont Adult Ski Poles - $74.95

Scott Dumont Adult Ski Poles 2011 - Features, features and more features! The features that come together to make up the Dumont Premium adult ski pole are quite amazing. In order to have a good skiing experience, your gear needs to be functional, durable and comfortable for you to use. With Scott ski poles, you get all of that and more. The Team Issue Premium ski pole is made with a strike rc and strike strap. These straps are ergonomically engineered for right and left hand grips. They also feature a neoprene platform for increased hand support and a Velcro fastener for easy adjustment. Moving along with the tip of the pole, it is made with a carbon diamond tip. The tip is constructed using a composite matrix of state-of-the art materials including carbon fiber. The best thing about this though, is that it can withstand the harshest abuses. This is a ski pole that was built to last! The basket of the Dumont Premium ski pole is a 3.6 disc. It incorporates a high standard of engineering and design, blending aerodynamic efficiency and durability. For your comfort and ease while skiing, the notch strike grip was added to the pole. The Notch Strike Grip has been anatomically engineered using soft thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene. The lightweight, streamlined profile facilitates the wrist articulation necessary for a textbook downhill tuck or grab. S4 aluminum is used also in the construction of this Scott adult ski pole. Series 4 Aluminum poles are constructed with the strongest commercially available, aircra - $74.95