Scientific Anglers Shooting Head Fly Line Type IV - Gray - $25.88

Fish the depths with this shooting taper head. It's a Type IV with a sink rate of 3.75-5.5 inches-per-second to get down quickly. With a more uniform sink rate from tip to belly, the line is exemplar for fishing streamers. Made with a single-strand monofilament nylon core and and powdered tungsten and glass bead coating, the line's thin diameter allows you to drive casts into a stiff wind. The mid-length 30-ft. head maximizes distance and control. Attach to a running line and you are ready for some long-range fishing. Type: Shooting Head. Style: SI. Sink Rate (Inches Per Second): 3.75-5.5 ips. Line Weight: 6. Line Type: S IV. Line Color: Gray. Style--Type 6wt. - $25.88