Scientific Anglers Sharkskin GPX Taper Fly Line Willow - Willow - $40.88

General Presentation Taper (GPX) is the ultimate all-purpose fly line. It's made a half-size heavier to better load fast-action rods. The line excels at casting most flies in all types of conditions. Medium front taper with slightly oversized tip for high flotation and wind-slicing delivery when casting bigger flies. Microreplicated structures in the Sharkskin line reduce friction, improve flotation, boost durability and repel water. It delivers effortless distance by reducing friction through the rod guides. The microtextured coating increases surface area and repellency, allowing the line to sit higher on the water, resulting in easier mending. AST chemistry strengthens the coating durability. Welded streamlined loop is slick and strong for easy connections and seamless fishing. Type: Floating Freshwater. Style: WF. Line Weight: 5. Line Type: F. Line Color: Willow. Style--Type 5 Wt. - $40.88