Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout DT Fly Line - Willow 'White' - $52.88

The Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout Series of fly lines excel at performing the duties of traditional trout presentations. With the double taper model you'll be able to achieve the most delicate of casts and presentations. Short casts and small water work will be a breeze. This line rolls out effortlessly and falls on the water like a feather making it perfect for clear water and spooky trout. Built with line characteristics specifically geared toward handling casts and mends associated with trout fishing. Advanced Shooting Technology dry-slick coating process makes them float high, shoot farther and resist picking up dirt and grime. Low memory all but eliminates line coil ensuring your line rolls out the way it was meant to every time. Color: Willow. Type: Floating Freshwater. - $52.88