Scientific Anglers Mastery Fly Lines - Mist Green (8) - $47.88

Mastery lines come in a series of tapers to match your fishing requirements. Headstart is great for beginners to execute controlled, accurate casts. A short head design with the weight concentrated in the front of the line, enables the caster to better detect the loading of the rod. Its also great for hoppers, streamers, and nymph fishing. The Stillwaters taper design coupled with its unusually small diameter gives it superior casting performance. Ideal for clear-water lake fishing or shallow-water fishing. Excellent castability on windy days. Intermediate sink rate of 1.25 - 2.00 inches per second. The Bass Bug Tapers Powerful head drives the fly through the forward cast while an extended rear taper enables smoother distance casting and greater accuracy. Ideal for wind-resistant ball poppers. The Steelhead Tapers long head design makes it easy to reach distant fish. The front taper delays turnover, while the extended rear taper provides smooth turnover for balance and stability. Allows mending and roll casting up to 70 feet. The Pike/Muskie Taper is designed to throw extra-large, bulky flies in the wind. Low memory is great for cool-water use. Size: 8. Color: Mist Green. - $47.88