Scientific Anglers Fluorcarbon Tippet - Orange - $6.88

Changing or adding tippet just got easier. Scientific Anglers has redesigned its tippet spool, adding several features that you will appreciate for the convenience and ease of use. The spool now has a larger center dimension, so the tippet doesnt retain as much memory. Youll also like the freewheeling center hub that allows each spool to spin freely, even while integrated with other spools. This hub can be retracted to be flush with the spool when used alone, and still integrates with other spools on the market. The spool and water-resistant labels are color-coded to indicate the tippet material, with the fluorocarbon label being orange. The material size is clearly marked on the spool and on the elastic tippet-retaining band. While the spool is transparent so you can see with just a glance how much material is left, the spool itself is treated with UV protection to protect the tippet material from denigration. Add to all this a convenient integrated razor for cutting the material with an easy swipe. With a full 30 meters of material per spool you are getting approximately 9% more material than comparably priced tippets. Available: 30 meters. Color: Orange. - $6.88