SciCon Vortex Roller 2 Saddlebag - $49.95

There are days when rides turn into an exercise in managing chaos; everything that can go wrong with a bike, save broken frame tubes, goes wrong. With the SciCon Vortex Roller 2 Saddlebag, you can fit a multi-tool, tube, and mini inflator like the Innovations Ultraflate Plus -- so you're prepared for the most common roadside fixes. What SciCon's saddlebags are noted for is their retention systems. They do not use hook-and-loop straps. If you recall the original Roller System (now Roller 1), you start with a plastic cleat that secures to seat rails with the twist of a knob. Then you install the bag by matching the cleat with the opening in the binding mount. And give it a 1/4 turn. The Roller 2 takes that same idea and adds two tire levers to the design. There's one mount for a tire lever outside the bag, and a mount for a tire lever inside the bag. To make sure the lever slots work, SciCon includes the levers. Building the two levers into the design frees up space in the bag, so you can fit more into it. The bag itself uses a mix of materials; the side panels are a carbon fiber weave and the main panels are Cordura. Because the bag doesn't have a strap underneath it to help hold the shape, there's an ABS body structure inside. This way it has some structure and shape whether the bag is empty, partially-loaded, or packed to the gills. Reflective piping runs along the seam between the carbon fiber and Cordura panels and there is reflective tape alongside the zipper as well as on the bottom to add low light safety. It has just a simple single cavity with a compression strap to hold things in place so stuff won't bounce around the inside. The Sci'Con Vortex Roller 2 saddlebag comes in Black Cordura with Black carbon fiber panels. Bag geometry is 8x6.5x14cm making the volume 480 cubic centimeters (29.29 cubic inches). - $49.95