Schwalbe Rocket Ron TL Ready Tire - 26in - $68.00

Its tapered tread lugs give the Schwalbe Rocket Ron TL Ready Tire an uncanny ability to offer traction in mixed conditions, wet or dry. It's especially appealing here because the low weight of the tire underscores its intent as a race tire, designed to get you there first. With the Rocket Ron, you don't have to settle for fast or grippy -- you can have both. Compared to the Racing Ralph, the slightly more prominent blocks have been spaced a bit further apart to achieve more void space. This is part of the reason that it self-cleans in mucky stuff so you can continue to have traction to drive down the trail and keep the bike upright. The Rocket Ron uses Schwalbe's PaceStar Triple Compound, their fastest. Schwalbe engineers recognize that it's not possible for one compound to do it all, so they've combined three to optimize the tire's performance. The low-profile tread of the Rocket Ron is fast, and it's still an excellent cornering tire thanks to the U-Block shoulder tread. These tread blocks are angled at 20 degrees or so towards the outside of the tire. A small sipe doesn't quite divide the block, creating the "U" shape. They work to counteract the lateral forces endured when cornering to maintain traction and to keep the bike stable.This tire is designed to be tubeless ready (TL), which means you can say goodbye to pinch flats. A tubeless system allows you to run less air pressure, again enhancing the grip of the tire's tread. Better traction, less vibration, and no flats lead to a great ride. It's necessary to use a liquid sealant within the tire to seal the bead seat and to quickly seal thorn or debris punctures on the trail. The Schwalbe Rocket Ron TL Ready is available in 26 x 2.1, 26 x 2.25, and 26 x 2.4" widths. Please note: because Schwalbe has optimized this tire to be lightweight, patching in the event of puncture is not recommended.Tubeless 101: The Why and the How Explained. - $68.00