Scenic Wild World Volume 6 DVD Set - $19.99

Watch seven incredible hours of spectacular footage, traveling to unexpected landscapes and following unforgettable wildlife. 7 hours.Includes:Across the Great Divide Displays the unique spirit of the Canadian wilderness. Follow the path farther west, across the Great Plains into the Rock Mountains and through the canyons of the Pacific Ocean, uncovering dinosaur fossils in the Badlands. Hear the echoes of clashing bighorn sheep and explore Queen Charlotte Islands, where ancient totem poles still stand.Land of Extremes Venture deep into the north to marvel at the world's largest freshwater delta, host to over a million birds in yearly migration. See peregrine falcons as they raise their young on cliff ledges. Visit Virginia Falls and discover why polar bears gather at the shoreline of Hudson Bay each winter.In The Wild Shore Brave the treacherous waters off Anticosti Island, cruise Quebec's St. Lawrence River, immerse yourself in the Bruce Peninsula's forests and join the largest caribou herd in the world across lakes, rivers and mountains.Splendors of Nature and Wonders of Nature The double-program captures the changing seasons as they set the stage for impressive landscapes and wildlife interaction. Follow Shiga Heights snow monkeys as they take refuge from the grueling winter months in mineral-rich hot springs. A herd of caribou embark on their summer migration across the Alaskan tundra. Explore wonders of nature including the Grand Canyon, the Serengeti, Iguazu Falls and Ayers Rock. Scenic Wonders of America The three-part adventure gives a vivid portrait of America's most scenic highlights, including the South Dakota Badlands, Devil's Tower in Wyoming, Montana's Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, the Florida Everglades, the Great Smoky Mountains, Death Valley, Glacier Bay National Park, Big Sur, Yosemite National Park, Mount Ranier and Hawaii's Haleakala National Park. - $19.99