Sceery Outdoors Ace-2 Elk Calls - $21.88

Getting that big bull elk to come in just a few more yards or stop in his tracks for a shot is the challenge of every elk hunter. These two elk calls are engineered to "seal the deal" during the final seconds before your shot with a bow or rifle.Available: The Seducer Bull Coaxer is a hands-free call that can be used by both archery and rifle hunters. It's great for getting that trophy elk to close the last few yards you need, but it's also ideal for stopping a walking or trotting bull. And because it's hands-free, you can have your gun or bow ready when the shot is presented. The Hyper Cow-In-Heat call delivers the seductive tones of a cow elk ready to mate and bulls in earshot won't be able to resist. It uses an exposed reed that you'll find easy to use and keep dry in cold and damp weather. Game Call Type: Cow Calls. Species: Elk. Type: Elk Calls. Elk Bull Coaxer. - $21.88