Scarpa Skookum Randonee Boots - Men's - 2010/2011 - $399.93

Take a turn in the Scarpa Skookum randonee boots and you'll feel the power! These boots let you charge down steep slopes without a doubt and tour back up for another run. 100% Pebax(R) plastic construction provides high stiffness and power without a lot of weight; Pebax plastic maintains a consistent flex in all temperatures. Dual-density V-frame ribs on the cuffs enhance the power of the boots. Boots include 2 interchangeable tongues for downhill power and uphill comfort; use the ski tongues for maximum downhill performance and the walk tongues for all-day tours. Boot flex index with the ski tongue is rated at 110; flex index with walk tongue is 90. Alpine-style Intuition Speed Pro liners use 100% Ultralon(R) foam for a custom fit; silicon tread on the bottoms protects liners while wearing them without shells. Tongue-style liners (as opposed to a wrap-style liners) provide easy entry and comfortable flex through the shins when touring. Liners can be custom molded to your feet by an REI ski shop professional for optimum comfort. Boots are compatible with all randonee bindings, including Dynafit and G3 Onyx bindings. Tech fittings at the toes of the boots accept Dynafit and G3 Onyx bindings; Optimized Touring Pivot places the fittings slightly farther back for a more natural stride. Optimized Touring Pivot requires a different Dynafit or G3 Onyx binding position; please read the owner's manual before mounting bindings on your skis. 4 aluminum buckles on each boot close the boots securely around your feet and legs. Booster straps with secure cam buckles let you dial in the fit around the cuffs; straps help control shin bang by reducing empty space between your shins and boot tongues. Forward-lean mechanisms lock you in between 19deg - 23deg; release the forward lean for a comfortable walk mode while hiking or strolling around the lodge. - $399.93