Sawyer Orca V-Lam Kayak Paddle - Carbon Bent Shaft - $318.93

Elegant, lightweight and responsive, the Sawyer Orca V-Lam bent-shaft kayak paddle connects you to the water with remarkable craftsmanship. Laminated western red cedar blades and a carbon fiber shaft create a lightweight, responsive paddle that delivers high performance for touring and sea kayaking. Bent shaft naturally aligns wrists, reducing strain during long paddles. Slight asymmetrical spoon shape reduces flutter in the water. Surface area of the blades are optimized for high-angle paddling. Fiberglass reinforcements on the blade enhance durability. Tough material wraps along the entire blade edge, protecting the blade tip from rocks and rough treatment. The Sawyer Orca V-Lam bent-shaft kayak paddle uses an adjustable ferrule to allow any feather angle and to fine-tune paddle length by 5cm. - $318.93