Sawyer Mana QuickDraw Adjustable 100 Stand Up Paddle - Large Blade - $349.95

Blending a beautiful wood blade with a lightweight carbon-fiber shaft, the Sawyer Mana QuickDraw Adjustable 100 stand up paddle features an adjustable length and paddler-friendly features. Large blade is is designed for large paddlers who want the most power from every stroke; ideal for surfing and applications that focus on maneuverability. Adjustable ferrule works on the fly to personalize shaft height for multiple paddlers, reduces overall length for travel or changes up applications from surf to touring. Paddle collapses to 73 in. and extends up to 94 in. Extremely lightweight carbon-fiber shaft offers a bit of flex to increase comfort on every stroke. Fiberglass-reinforced wood blade offers a no-flutter catch that works great for digging deep to maneuver in the surf. 11deg angle offers refined control from a standing position. The Sawyer Mana QuickDraw Adjustable stand up paddle features a palm grip that works for a variety of paddle strokes. - $349.95