Sapient Timecheck Watch Black/Red - $95.00

Stepping into darkness the night calls and clarity rings through with the Sapient Timecheck. Look into the future with a 12 piece backlit face display and you'll see a path paved ahead. With an illuminated life you'll find that every adventure is achievable. In thick and thin, rain or shine the Japanese Quartz movement keeps you on track and on time. Hold onto truth as the Timecheck's silicone band holds onto you. Feel the weight of endless possibilities on your wrist and in your heart. Let the whole world know where you boldly stand; with a water resistant stainless steel backed timepiece. Every journey starts and finishes, just in time.Key Features of the Sapient Timecheck Watch: 3 Hand Japanese Quartz Movement 44mm Wide Case Alloy Case, Anodized Black Stainless Steel Back Water Resistant Non-Scratchable Crystal Glass Custom Injected Silicone Band, 22mm Wide, With Stainless Steel Buckle 12 Luminescent Marking Lights Off And On Light Buttons Gift Packaged 2-3 Year Battery Day of the Month Display - $95.00