Sanuk Women's Yoga Mat Sandals - $32.00

The Sanuk Women's Yoga Mat Sandals Are the perfect accessory for your yoga suit, and if you don't have time for class, you can still feel like you hit the mat, because you will literally be walking on an actual yoga mat. These women's sandals have a Footbed made from real recycled yoga mats to provide the Highest level of comfort, and the Happy U Outsole adds strength and durability. For the Upper, Sanuk Uses a synthetic leather strap with a printed jersey liner so you won't have to deal with that sticky feeling that most sandals give. As with all Sanuk products, the Women's Yoga Mat Sandals Are 100% vegan and vegetarian, so no cows were sacrificed in the production of your newest, awesomest shoes. Moosejaw Staff Pick - JKatz, Moosejaw Secret Headquarters Features of the Sanuk Women's yoga mat Sandals Synthetic strap with soft webbing toe post and jersey printed lining Footbed made from real yoga mat Happy U sponge rubber Outsole Vegan and vegetarian - $32.00