Santini Shade Jersey - $164.95

Prior to a ride, deciding what jersey to wear ranks right up there with hydration, nutrition selection, and tire pressure. The reasons for this are stacking -- light rain, uncertain skies, and barreling weather fronts in the spring and fall create uncertainty in choosing what level of insulation and water-resistance to throw on. The Santini Shade Jersey covers a wide swath of weather conditions, with unprecedented water-resistance, breathability, and comfort. The Shade jersey is constructed from Santinis Impulse fabric. Featuring an 80/20 blend of polyester and elastane, this material provides a firm return without restricting your freedom of movement. In terms of water-resistance, the jersey ensures this through its incorporation of AcquaZero treatment at the front, back, and over the shoulders of the jersey. And since this treatment is applied at the fiber level, it can provide up to 60 minutes of high-level water-resistance without compromising breathability. This is possible because the treatment bonds to the fibers of the knit at close to the nano level, preventing a blockage of the knit's open cells. This leaves the channels open for both breathing and moisture evacuation. Furthering this concept of breathability, Santini placed mesh inserts over the sides, extending well into the underarm portion of the jersey. You might be asking yourself why Santini would do this on a water-resistant jersey, but the placement is quite logical. Essentially, this area is a natural evacuation point for excess core temperature. So, internal thermo-regulation remains cool and consistent when you surpass zone two. In addition to this, the AcquaZero treatment also adds durability to the jersey's fabric, providing resistance to UV rays, the deleterious effects of repeated washings, and even chlorine -- should you find yourself wearing it in a pool for some reason. Santini cut the Shade jersey to a traditional Italian race-fit. - $164.95