Santini Paul Smith Sprinter's Jersey - $99.00

The colors of the Giro's leader's jerseys have a story as rich, complex, and vibrant as the race itself. Yes, pink was selected because La Gazzetta dello Sport printed its pages on pink paper. And yes, the KOM jersey was historically green until last year, when the classification's sponsor voiced its preference for the color blue. And for the Sprinter's jersey, it's true that it was originally red, switched to cyclamen for 43 years, only to be returned to the red that we see today. And while this red jersey has traditionally been crafted by Santini ever since, the 2013 Giro sees a seemingly unlikely collaboration between the British Sir Paul Smith and the Italian Santini family for its construction. However, after debuting at Milan Fashion Week, the Santini Paul Smith Sprinter's Jersey has been making waves through both the worlds of cycling and fashion. If you're not familiar with Paul Smith, the name, you're more likely familiar with Paul Smith, the clothing. Over the past 35 years, Paul Smith's menswear has been at the forefront of British fashion, earning him top honors within the industry and a Knighthood to boot. However, accolades aside, Paul Smith's lifelong passion for cycling never diminished. We saw this expressed in 2007 when he designed a jersey in honor of the Tour's start in London. And since then, we've seen a consistent collaboration between Smith and fellow Englishmen, Rapha, and even a 60th anniversary collaboration with Mercian. Moving onto the jersey, though, Paul Smith started the design process with the color itself. And in response to last year's awkward-color-choice-debacle, Smith opted for red body with a pink piping. According to Smith, this color clash is derivative of Warhol's color work, providing a much needed pop to the leader of the points race's jersey. Additionally, Smith achieved a balance between subtlety and prominence for the race sponsor placement along the shoulders, chest, and lower back. - $99.00