Santini Paul Smith Maglia Rosa Jersey - $90.00

The Giro is renowned for its bravado, daring riding, and passionate fans. And when you stir these ingredients together, it creates a devout sense of ownership for everyone involved. So, it comes as no surprise that every aspect of the race is discussed and scrutinized at a high level of authority, whether the participants possess this or not. Along these lines, we overhear critiques on everything from stage attacks, to podium placement, and of course, the very jersey of the Maglia Rosa itself. And this comes with good reason, as the Maglia Rosa is more than just a pink jersey, it's an iconic symbol of both Italian and cycling heritage. Needless to say, fans weren't exactly ecstatic over the two-tone pink and white design of 2012, and in typical Giro-fanatic style, they let their voices be heard. However, little did any of any of us know, that Paul Smith had already been recruited a year prior to design the 2013 Santini Paul Smith Maglia Rosa Jersey. Now, we see a return to the roots of the classical Giro aesthetic, in a contemporary way that only Sir Paul Smith and Santini are able to provide. If you're not familiar with Paul Smith, the name, you're more likely familiar with Paul Smith, the clothing. Over the past 35 years, Paul Smith's menswear has been at the forefront of British fashion, earning him top honors within the industry and a Knighthood to boot. However, accolades aside, Paul Smith's lifelong passion for cycling never diminished. We saw this expressed in 2007 when he designed a jersey in honor of the Tour's start in London. And since then, we've seen a consistent collaboration between Smith and fellow Englishmen, Rapha, and even a 60th anniversary collaboration with Mercian. Moving onto the jersey, though, Paul Smith started the design process with the color itself. And in response to last year's pink-on-pink debacle, Smith opted for pink body with a red piping. - $90.00