Santini Nitro Jersey - $114.95

The majority of cycling apparel companies seem to focus on technology when it comes to design. Honestly, we can't blame them. Fabrics made with plutonium and Hyper-Techno-Wick sound sexy and, honestly, probably sell a massive amount of jerseys. But, at the end of the day, what's the most important thing about a cycling jersey' Fit. Plain and simple. Even if your jersey is made with Ceramic-Infused Nano-Oxy-Hydra-Macro-Polyfiber, it'll feel awful if the fit is wrong. Luckily, Santini knows this. That's why its jerseys are designed, first and foremost, around the correct fit in the riding position. However, Santini still packs plenty of technology into jerseys like the Nitro, but it's not there to sound good -- it's there to make you feel good in the saddle.To make the Nitro jersey suitable for a wide range of climates, Santini constructed it from the Microsense fabric. This material is features a lightweight polyester that is both breathable and highly conforming to the body. Its design leans towards the airy end of the spectrum, with Santini recommending it for temperatures varying from the low 60s to the upper 90 degrees Fahrenheit range. This heat tolerance is supported by a few key features. Of course, at the front of the jersey, there's a full-length zipper that's indispensable for dumping heat on the fly. But, the consistent thermo-regulation is due to Microsense's open weave design. This technique provides a constant level of breathability, regardless of your level of exertion. And when your core temperature rises, and the sweat begins to permeate your skin, Microsense will wick that moisture to the jersey's quick-drying surface to keep you dry and comfortable. However, this isn't to say that the Nitro jersey is only good for its fabric. Santini knows that expensive, technical fabrics are moot when a jersey's fit is off. And in our opinion, fit is where Santini truly breaks off onto its own course. - $114.95