Santini Max 6Five Bib Shorts - $134.95

Gambe translates to legs in Italian. It's not surprising, then, that Santini brings forth a new lineup of apparel that proudly bears this name as a mark, and possibly a reminder, of what physically propel us on our machines. Your legs either get the credit for a good effort or the rap for a poor showing. There's never a grey area, and that's why Santini designed the Max 6Five Bib Shorts, incorporating its latest technologies to make sure that you have more of the 'good legs' days. Starting with the material of the leg panel, Santini opted for Lycra Newport due to both its compressive and highly elastic properties. This fabric is comprised of 78% polyamide and 22% elastane that firmly holds your leg muscles in place without ever making them feel too constricted. This blend also yields fabric panels that are highly elastic and thin. So, they easily transfer moisture and breathe much better than standard Lycra variants. The front and side panels form vertically long sections, meeting the wide mesh bib straps relatively high up on the torso. This design feature equates to fewer bib upper-to-lower joining seams. Accordingly, you not only gain better aerodynamics when you're in the riding position, but also a smoother feel against your lower stomach and hips. No more fabric bunch and pinching seams around your lower torso, regardless of how tucked in you get. Santini's slim internal silicone leg grippers wrap the lower cuff panels to keep the fit of the shorts securely in place. The Max 6Five chamois is Santini's anatomically shaped, multiple-density foam Coolmax Max2 insert. Like all Santini pads, the Max2 is handmade, sewn internally so that the curves and depressions have no exposed seams. This design assures maximum comfort in the perineal area, with no stitching contacting your skin along the central channel. Wrapped with an antibacterial microfiber wicking outer layer, the Max2 chamois keeps you comfortable and dry atop your saddle for all-day riding sessions. - $134.95