Santini Dry Carb Socks - $24.95

Sometimes it's the unassuming styles that sneak up and steal the show. Not too tall and not too short, Santini's new Dry Carb Socks were built with a medium-length cuff that doesn't follow the trends set by anyone else. Instead, these summer socks rely on their innovative materials to do the talking, and we think you'll agree that it's a solid route to go. For the construction, the Dry Carb Socks were built with several of Santini's tested technical fabrics. Dryarn was used to hold and support the foot, as it's a very soft and lightweight material. In fact, 10 km of Dryarn weighs only one gram. Additionally, it doesn't absorb water due to its high surface tension, and the fabric also promotes good hygiene because the yarns won't trap bacteria or mold. This material was also used for its durability, which always seems to be an area of failure when it comes to lightweight socks. Well not anymore, as Santini knows that the friction caused between your socks and shoes is inevitable, but by applying the rugged Dryarn to these areas, the dreaded 'pilling' effect is eliminated. So feel free to wash and wear them as much as you please; they'll stay looking good and continue performing at their best, ride after punishing ride. Santini rounded out the cuffs of the Dry Carbs with its Resistex Carbon. Known for its ability to speed sweat evaporation and keep the body's temperature stable, Resistex Carbon was the optimal choice to mate with the Dryarn lower. The Santini Dry Carb Socks are available in the sizes X-Small/Small, Medium/Large, and X-Large/XX-Large and in the colors Cyan, Red, and Verde. - $24.95