Santini BCool Jersey - Men's - $239.95

Santini's new Testa line stands at the top of the Italian clothier's pyramid of apparel. The translation for testa in Italian is mind, which we all know becomes either our best friend or worst enemy when faced with brutal conditions on the bike. Of course, brutal can refer to many scenarios out there, but we feel it's safe to say that adverse elements -- such as scorching temperatures -- usually wreak havoc on most riders. It's a good thing Santini was thinking of the hottest summer days to come when designing its BCool Jersey, because, as the name says it best, being cool and comfortable keeps our minds at ease. The BCool Jersey achieved its name through the use of several of Santini's innovative new fabrics. For the front panel, an ultra-soft, lightweight, and antibacterial material was used. This polypropylene fabric not only feels great against your skin, but it also wicks moisture incredibly well. As you perspire, the fabric pulls moisture off or your skin and transfers it to the quick-drying outer layer. Additionally, its one-way stretch characteristic wraps your torso's front half with a compressive and supportive hold. This keeps your core muscles supported in even the most crouched, aerodynamic riding position. The rear was constructed out of a four-way stretch elasticized fabric with inserts made from Santini's Resistex Carbon. This fabric contains carbon fibers that absorb and dissipate electric charges accumulated by the external environment. Additionally, the fabric possesses hypoallergenic and breathable properties to keep you cool, and the material's composition also shields you from absorbing harmful electromagnetic and ultraviolet rays. By combining the Resistex Carbon fabric into the rear stretch panel of the Jersey, Santini was able to provide you with protection, a cool torso, and a full range of movement through the back, shoulders, and arms. Furthering this range of motion, small mesh inserts were added along the upper back and under the arms. - $239.95