Santini BCool Bib Shorts - $259.95

Even die-hard bib shorts devotees need a little less material up top when the mercury rises. And not surprisingly, the maestros at Santini have crafted the BCool Bib Shorts with this very situation in mind. These are definitely one pair of bib shorts that you'll want to have on hand for the hottest periods of your riding season. Santini constructed the Bcool bib shorts from the Lycra Newport material -- a fabric with enhanced shape retention and a UPF 50 rating. This fabric was selected for its superior breathability and rapid moisture management. Furthering this design principle, Santini placed carbon fiber fabric inserts throughout the bib shorts in order to enhance thermo-regulation at key locations. According to Santini testing, athletes wearing carbon fabric experienced temperature variation three-times lower than with wearing fabrics made only of polyester. By sheltering you from temperature spikes, carbon fabric inserts allow you to save a few precious heart beats per minute, thus reducing your oxygen need. To put it more simply, you're a machine, and this fabric increases your efficiency. 'Efficiency' in this sense means increasing your body's ability to turn metabolic energy into mechanical energy over longer periods of time. It also equates to having some gas left in the tank for long climbs in the last 20 miles of a mid-Summer century. The BCool bib shorts provide the same compressive support found in other Santini shorts with a 78% polyester/22% elastane blend, however, what sets them apart are the braces themselves. About the width of a typical pair of suspenders, the elasticized-mesh braces bisect the pectoral muscles before securely nestling between the depression of your trapezius muscles and clavicle. Around back, they're met at the mid-lower back by a mesh insert that draws them together slightly in order to accentuate their stay-put grip at the shoulder. - $259.95