Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy LT Carbon - SPX AM 2x10 34 Float 140 Complete Bike - $5,698.95

There are multiple sources touting the advantages of 29er wheels-- that's nothing new. All those big-wheel gains, however, are worthless unless the chassis, suspension, and drivetrian are designed -- like the Tallboy LT Carbon SPX AM 2x10 34 Float 140 Complete Bike offered here -- to unleash the 29er's full potential. The LT Carbon's combination of unique, long-travel geometry, stiff chassis, and dialed, XT 2 x 10 drivetrain provides next-level 29er performance -- with a rewarding rider experience. The LT isn't just a starched out Tallboy. Yes, it shares the one-piece, high-modulus carbon fiber construction process, but the similarities end there. Reinforced for all-mountain abuse, the LT Carbon gets added material in critical, high-stress zones like the headtube, BB, and shock mount/pivot zones. The one-piece lay-up, as opposed to assembling joints that require bonding or wrapping, distributes loads and absorbs impact energy better due to the continuous fibers wrapped between junctions. The process also uses an internal bladder to compact the fibers. This process allows Santa Cruz to control both the outside and inside shapes during the lay-up. The result is material where its needed most, reduced stress risers, and less chance for delamination. It's the same construction technique as the XC Tallboy, but its unique geometry requires separate molds to offer the optimum, long-travel 29er experience. The Tallboy LT Carbon sports a slightly longer top tube, a degree and a half slacker headtube angle and slacker seat tube. This puts the rider's center of gravity further back for confident descending and switchback-railing performance. The LT also benefits from a lower standover height for enhanced clearance on technical trails. Those challenging sections of trail will have a hard time trying to best the Tallboy LT Carbon's 125mm of second generation VPP suspension. - $5,698.95