Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy Carbon with FOX CTD Kashima - $2,899.00

Being at the forefront of virtual pivot point suspension technology would be a milestone in any company's history, but Santa Cruz has never been complacent when it comes to innovation. The use of carbon for frames marks a new era in Santa Cruz design -- offering unmatched strength and lightness with SC's highly respected trail manners. The Tallboy Carbon 142 with the 29er design, embodying Santa Cruz's suspension knowhow with the latest carbon technology. The Tallboy Carbon uses a one-piece lay-up and curing process for the front triangle, as opposed to assembling joints, which would require bonding, wrapping, or rivets. Because this process allows continuous interlocking fibers to wrap between tubes, the resulting structure distributes loads and absorbs impact energy better, while eliminating any excess material. As you might imagine, this is a costly process because each frame size requires dedicated tooling. But, this allows Santa Cruz to control the outside shape, the inside shape, and to compact the fibers during the lay-up for the individual requirements to each frame size. From medium to the mega-large (25in top tube) XXL fame, the structure is optimized for intended rider weight and forces. By placing material where its needed most results in a strong and nimble chassis for the VPP suspension to work its magic. The second generation VPP suspension features upper and lower links which flatten the shock rate to provide active motion early in the axle path -- allowing the rear wheel to easily move up and back as you ride over a bump. The link design also balances downward pedaling force with the pulling force of the chain to neutralize them and prevent pedal-bob or squatting during acceleration. This helps keep speed up, but VPP also helps to keep that speed in check. The VPP design prevents brake-induced lock-out, this keeps the suspension supple over braking bumps and provides easier brake modulation over choppy terrain. - $2,899.00