Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy Carbon SPX XC - Complete Bike - $5,398.95

There is a simple explanation for why early 29er full suspension bikes were shunned by all-mountain/aggressive riders. It's because they were rushed to market before there was supporting technology like thru-axles, angular contact bearings, and tapered head tubes. The original 29er FS bikes were a nightmare around switchbacks and noodly over rough terrain. In the past five years, however, we've witnessed the 29er FS platform blossom due to those aforementioned advancements found here on the Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon SPX XC Complete Bike. While the Tallboy Carbon is not an all-mountain bike, it has benefited from the technology that makes longer travel 29er's viable. The Tallboy frame's proprietary manufacturing processes allow the frame to offer line-holding stiffness in an incredibly light package. The front triangle is constructed as once piece, rather than having components produced separately, and then bonded or wrapped. Additionally, the carbon fibers are continuous around tube junctions this distributes loads and absorbs impact energy better. One thing that you can't see without cutting the frame in half is that it looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside. There's nothing there except smooth carbon, and this isn't because SC's engineers are obsessive compulsive. This actually prevents stress risers in failure prone areas of the frame. For that reason too, there are no riveted or bonded-on cable and hose guides, as they're incorporated into the original layup. That layup provides stiff and solid mounting points for the latest generation of Santa Cruz's Virtual Pivot Point rear suspension. The upper and lower links flatten out the shock rate and provide a more active feel to the early part of the axle path. The suspension allows the rear wheel to move up and back as you ride over a bump, and it balances the downward force of pedaling with the pulling force of the chain through its link configuration and axle path. - $5,398.95