Santa Cruz Bicycles Nomad Carbon - $2,280.00

The Santa Cruz Nomad has been the defining all-mountain bike since its release years ago. As a flagship model for Santa Cruz (and our best selling mountain bike model to date), it's a wonder they even considered a redesign. But that's what Santa Cruz does time and time again. No sitting on their hands here, folks -- if they know there's a better way, they're gonna find it, and they're gonna do it. And nothing signals the change (and confidence) in materials philosophy at Santa Cruz more than the release of the Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon.With the Nomad Carbon, Santa Cruz achieves their strongest, stiffest bike to date -- yes, stronger than the V10 and stiffer than the Blur LT Carbon -- and does so while shaving 3/4 pound from its chassis. Broken down in simple terms, you can have your 160mm of adept all-mountain travel in a package as trim as many cross-country frames. The lightness of this new Nomad makes itself felt when you flick it through the sinuous corners of your favorite singletrack. And when you spy a good-looking trailside hip jump, you'll be able to whip it effortlessly in mid-air to line up your landing.Santa Cruz employs a one-piece construction technique to create the front triangle. This allowed their designers the freedom to incorporate the Nomad's signature swoopy design and nontraditional shaping of the tubes. One look at the head tube junction and you'll see that it was worth the effort. At this particular spot, the three tubes are almost at once squared and rounded. And the arcing scallop that defines the angle between the top and down tubes shows just how patient they were with the shape. After all, why settle for tough as hell, if you can have tough and beautiful in the same package.Possibly the best aspect of the one-piece construction is that all of the junctions have continuous fibers that run around and through the joints, then out into the long tubes. - $2,280.00