Santa Cruz Bicycles Nomad 1.0/1.1 Pro Pack - $114.00

To keep for your Santa Cruz Nomad 1.0 (1-1/8 head tube) or 1.1 (1.5 heat tube) running smooth like the day you bought it, it's a good idea to rebuild it from time to time. The Santa Cruz Blur Nomad 1.0/1.1 Pro Pack is what you'll need. It includes:3 (three) pivot axle 63 7075 anodized black2 (two) nomad shock shafts Ti1 (one) nomad shock shaft IG 6 (six) 6901 SM bearings 2 (two) 21531 2RS-MAX bearings-Nomad 6 (six) chainring bolts 12.5mm SS 1 (one) Nomad shock shaft bearing spacer 1 (one) Nomad shock shaft nut 2 (two) M6 x 14mm lo head 4 (four) M6 x 12 SHCS 18-8SS 4 (four) M6 washers stainless steel 2 (two) loctite 680 .5ml 6 (six) pivot washers outer seal 6 (six) pivot washers inner seal - $114.00