Santa Cruz Bicycles Blur XC Carbon With FOX CTD Kashima - $2,899.00

Eight out of nineteen of Santa Cruz's models now sport carbon fiber for its frame material. In an incredibly short amount of time, Santa Cruz has quickly become one of the most respected composite frame manufacturers in the world. This all started when the Carbon Blur stormed onto the cross country scene. Going into its fourth season, the constantly evolving Blur XC Carbon With FOX CTD Kashima continues to shape the future of mountain bikes. The Blur XC Carbon now sports a 142mm rear thru axle that adds ease-of-use to wheel removal/installation. The dropout can be switched to Shimano's new direct-mount rear derailleur system. This upgrade is also followed by a revamped carbon layup and shape at the head tube and down tube junction. This is actually shared with the LT Carbon Blur, and it results in a slightly lighter and stronger junction. The Blur XC Carbon employs the 2nd generation Virtual Pivot Point Design (VPP). The totally redesigned upper and lower links flatten out the shock rate and provide a more active feel to the early end of the axle path. The suspension allows the rear wheel to move up and back as you ride over a bump, and it balances the downward force of your pedaling with the pulling force of the chain through its link configuration and axle path. The resulting movement makes it easier to roll over a bump, or through a dip, and the suspension doesn't change whether or not youre in the saddle. The Blur XC has a carbon fiber upper link that shaves weight and enhances lateral stiffness. It's counterpart on the bottom is alloy, and it has easily-serviceable grease ports (grease gun and grease included). The pivots for both links have beefy, 15mm locking collet axle-pins so they won't creak or loosen, and they run on intricately-sealed bearings that will last the life of the frame. For the people who want every lightweight feature addressed, Santa Cruz topped it off with titanium bolts in every feasible location. - $2,899.00