Salomon STH 12 Driver Downhill Ski Bindings - $137.83

The tough design of the Salomon STH 12 Driver downhill ski bindings give freeride skiers the power they need for throwing big tricks and carving tight turns. Adjustable toe wings increase contact zone with boot for precise boot hold and enhanced energy transmission to edges. Metallic, reinforced toe and heel and metal binding plate significantly increase durability when skiing aggressively on and off piste. High Lateral Transmission interface transfers power quickly and precisely to the skis. Stomp Pedal antifriction device uses fewer moving parts than standard designs, increasing durability and maintaining reliable release. The Salomon STH 12 Driver bindings reduce unwanted release by providing a high degree of lateral travel before release and a large surface area between binding and boot. When you step into the bindings there is an audible click that lets you know the boot is secure and it's time to ski. 4 - 12 DIN range provides assertive skiers with the performance they demand. 100mm-wide brakes fit most all-mountain wide skis. - $137.83