Salomon SNS Pilot Sport Skate Bindings - $48.93

The Salomon Pilot Sport Skate bindings help push you farther on every kick, whether you're just learning or have been skate skiing for years. Pilot system utilizes 2 connection points and a rigid link on each binding to enhance torsional rigidity so you get more energy out of every stride. Pilot system eliminates bumpers at the front of bindings, resulting in gained comfort and efficiency. Bindings are compatible with all SNS Pilot skate ski boots. Front pivot point connects to the boot 1cm behind the toe for a natural stride with great energy transmission. Automatic step-in system is quick and easy to enter; use your hand or a pole to exit the bindings. Salomon Pilot Sport Skate bindings sport full-length guide ridges that enhance ski control during the glide phase. - $48.93