Salomon SNS Pilot Sport Skate Binding - $45.47

The Salomon SNS Pilot Sport Skate Binding is an excellent binding for beginning skaters and dedicated, fitness-focused skiers alike. The Sport Skate Binding features full-length guide ridges that help you maintain better control of the ski throughout your glide. This, combined with the simple, automatic retention system make your day more about skating, and less about fussing with gear. Simply step into the binding to engage it, and use your pole or a finger to press the button at the front to release it. The Pilot Sport Skate's 120 flex rating makes it an ideal choice for training days and weekend laps at the track. The Pilot Sport also utilizes the SNS Pilot binding system, a unique, two-axis binding-to-boot connection system shared by the entire Salomon performance and sport family, a full-length guide ridge, and a rearset toe pivot. Although not all of the bindings share a rigid second link in the aforementioned dual axis system, the Sport does, and this rigid link ensures maximum influence over torsional rigidity. Combine this improved rigidity with the advantage in ski control offered by the guide ridge underfoot and the benefit of the natural foot roll encouraged by the rearset pivot point, and you have a binding that helps you get the most out of your sport or performance ski. - $45.47