Salomon Ripper Ski Package - $249.95

Salomon Ripper Ski Package - The Salomon Ripper Ski Package was made for the beginner to intermediate twin tip skier who dabbles in the groomed trail area but mostly spends their time in the park. The Salomon Ripper Skis are traditionally cambered giving you plenty of spring and pop in the ski whether you're a lightweight or less aggressive skiers. Wide edges increase durability and improve shock resistance. The lightweight composite core is forgiving and mellow for building confidence and reducing fatigue. The Salomon Z11 Bindings feature the Salomon vertical progressive pivot provides a release for backward falls which in turn gives you protection and confidence to heighten your speed and fun. High lateral transmission gives you more precision and more control over your skis to give you better overall performance. So if you want to hone your skills and start getting serious about boosting out of the half pipe, sliding on rails and spinning off of kickers then you'll want to start off with the Salomon Ripper Ski Package. . Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 122/85/112mm (@ 161cm), Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 16.3m (@ 161cm), Type: Freestyle Skis, Construction Type: Cap, Tail Profile: Twin, Max Din Setting: 4-11, Rocker: Camber, Skis:: Salomon Ripper Skis, Binding Weight Range: 80-250 lbs., Turn Radius: 16-20, Waist Width: 76-85mm, Ski Gear Intended Use: Freestyle, Skill Range: Intermediate - Advanced, Product ID: 314167 - $249.95