Salomon Equipe 9 Skate Ski - $227.47

Far too often, the selection of a skate ski becomes a forcibly introspective process. What's your skill level' Is a race in your future' Your weight, the snow conditions, the temperature, and your fitness' When really, all that most of want to do is to go fast and conserve energy. Thankfully, the Salomon Equipe 9 Skate Ski simplifies this process. Simply put, if you want a fast, relatively lightweight ski that provides a little forgiveness for your learning curve, the Equipe 9 is for you. Don't get us wrong, the Equipe 9 is far from entry-level. In fact, as the closest living relative to the venerable S-Lab series, Salomon ensured that the Equipe 9 followed a similar construction methodology. Along these lines, the Equipe 9 features the same World Cup universal Digital Grinding Measurement (DGM) base tuning found in the S-Lab EQ 10. The ski also benefits from the S-Lab's G5 Zeolit base -- an additive that increases wax absorption and retention. But, where the two skis mainly differ is at the core. The Equipe 9 favors a Dynamic Flex Control (D2FC) Densomex over the S-Lab's Nomex. Basically, Densomex is a fairly light and very consistent foam with a Nomex insert. This borrowed feature manages core weight while increasing the ski's responsiveness. And where the Equipe 9 uses a tri-dimensional fiberglass laminate, the S-Lab has a wrap combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber. These calculated differences place the Equipe 9 around 250 grams heavier than the S-Lab. However, the same principles for an efficient power transfer and stability are resonant, only Salomon incorporated its powered camber and javelin skating sidecut in order to increase flexibility and stability. Together, the combination of designs create a ski that can only be classified as well-rounded. - $227.47