Salomon Equipe 8 Skate Ski - $143.97

Last time that we checked, skate skiing was supposed to be a fun way to enjoy the outdoors; not a punishment for our bodies to endure. And along these lines, we don't always want or need equipment that's as unforgiving as it berating. This is where we gladly enter the domain of the Salomon Equipe 8 Skate Ski. The Equipe 8 benefits from shared technology with the Equipe 9 and even the venerable S-Lab EQ10. One example of this is in the Equipe 8's Digital Grinding Measurement (DGM) base tuning methodology. However, where the Equipe 9 and EQ10 both feature World Cup universal grinding, the Equipe 8 uses Salomon's race universal grinding. This method uses a low pressure stone grind in order to increase the speed of your glide in all conditions,while the S-Lab is split into universal, warm, and cold designations. But, like the Equipe 9, the Equipe 8 features the same javelin sidecut and powered camber. Together, these designs provide a well-balanced pressure that increases stability and control, while making your kicks and glides more efficient. And aside from the host of similarities, the two begin to differ at the core construction. The Equipe 8 uses Salomon's Densolite 3000 core, which consists of a carbon and fiberglass wrap that's been paired with a pre-shaped Densolite foam core. This combination and layup creates a consistent and responsive ride quality, but it does contribute to the 20 gram differential between the Equipe 8 and 9. But, regardless of weight, the increased flexibility provides a much-needed level of forgiveness without cutting into the ski's natural power transfer. So, you get one ski that hits all of the bases for a perfect all-rounder. - $143.97