Salomon BBR Limelite Skis with Bindings - Women's - 2012/2013 - $329.83

The women's Salomon BBR Limelite skis with bindings offer a whole new ski shape to help you enjoy the day out on the mountain. Slightly stiffer and more responsive than the BBR Skylites, the Salomon BBR Sunlite skis excel on groomed runs and hold their own when heading off-piste. Instead of the traditional parabolic or X-shaped profile found in most modern skis, the BBRs use a V-shaped profile to achieve a great balance between flotation and carving. Tips are wider than the tails by at least 36mm, creating a progressive sidecut that initiates and exits turns with ease. Tips are also shaped to reduce weight and minimize chatter when carving at high speeds. Wide, surfboard-inspired tips feature a very low profile rise that floats in powder and smooths out the ride in rough terrain. Narrowest part of waist is behind heels, allowing a versatile weight distribution on skis. Pintail releases out of turns easily and enhances control. Composite foam core damps vibrations to keep the ride smooth, and its responsive nature serves up palpable snow feel and precise control. Monocoque construction uses a single-layer cap design to promote response and maneuverability, and additional structure in the topsheet enhances responsiveness. Elastomer inserts placed over the front of the skis absorb vibrations, resulting in a smooth ride that softens ski-to-snow contact. Relatively narrow waist offers a tight turning radius and enhances grip on firm snow. Slightly raised tails let you ride backward and stick the occasional switch landing. L9 bindings are light on your feet, letting you ski all day with little fatigue. Lightrak system uses composite materials and titanium to reduce the overall weight of the skis and increase maneuverability. Integrated bindings let skis flex naturally and channel power directly to edges for ultimate feel and control. High elasticity provides excellent shock absorption. - $329.83